Editor-in-chief +

Creative Director

Aneleh, a pen name for her online creative work, is an eighteen year old student and writer living in Europe. She founded Ogma Magazine in 2020 to start a creative space for young people, something she wishes she had as a young teen. She loves photography, music and multi media art and well as writing the occasional poem at 4am and daydreaming about future Ogma updates. Her published poetry can be found in Pollux Journal, Paper Crane Journal, Superfroot Mag and more. Contact her via ogmamagazine@gmail.com.

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Hye-won Yoo

HR Director

Hye-won Yoo is a 16-year-old Korean-American girl living in Michigan. When she isn't writing short stories or working on her novel, she can be found hanging out with her friends, cuddling with her dog Dorito, or reading a textbook on psychology. In addition to her position at Ogma Magazine, she is an editor for Outlander Magazine and Kalopsia Literary Journal and the Editor Assistant Director External at TYWI. Her work can be found in Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, The Hearth Magazine, and more.


Eris Claiborne

Digital Director &


Marketing Director

Eris Claiborne is an eighteen year old soon-to-be college student, writer, and poet living on the East Coast. They've been a part of Ogma Magazine since the beginning, channeling their creative energy into creating a safe, artistic space for young adults. When they aren't working on their novel, working on the website for Ogma, or writing poetry chapbooks, you can most often find them studying dead languages, working on their crystal jewelry business, or watching horror films. Their other work can be found in STEM-Zine, Lens on Cinema, and Ogma Magazine. They can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr @viesceral.




PR Director

Maia is a musician, writer, and teacher from Boston, MA. A two-time Silver Key winner from the Scholastic Awards, she is a music major at the University of Maryland in Percussion Performance and Music Education. When she's not writing or making music, she's usually adopting plant babies or drinking copious amounts of caffeine.

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Eva Ridenhour

Writer + Copy-Editor

Eva is a seventeen-year-old gap year student living in North Carolina. She has been writing since she was six, and her works have been featured on the NaNoWriMo blog and the Asheville Children's Poetry Review. When she isn't writing, she spends her time knitting, playing video games, and baking cookies.


Khushi Desai


Khushi Desai is a 16 year old, passionate photographer, writer and artist based in Canada. She is a sophomore that currently attends a CyberArt’s high school. She has helped graphic design ISSUE 7 of Ogma Magazine and she also volunteers at The Young Writers Initiative (TYWI), where she is a Contest Director. Khushi has also finished a full manuscript and has won 2 awards for photography. Her name means happiness and she is an avid reader who enjoys skateboarding, biking, art, writing and photography.

picrew andrea alonso - Andrea Alonso San

Andrea Alonso


Andrea Alonso is a 19-year-old Literature student from Spain who aspires to become a journalist or the editor of a publishing house. Most of the time, you can find her flying through some book, learning new languages or promoting female writers on her social media. Besides being a tea fanatic, she also loves trash journaling, partying to old hits and writing 3am poems.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 5.21.46 PM - E

Eliana Sussner


Ellie is an eighteen year old college student originally from New Jersey but currently studying English at college in Tennessee. She has been featured in online publications before and plans on pursuing the publishing industry after college. When she isn't drinking iced chai tea lattes, she's usually in the library or petting the nearest cat.

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Rei Kong


Rei Kong is a 17-year-old Canadian-Singaporean residing in Singapore. She has been pursuing visual arts for as long as she can remember—even learning how to use Photoshop in first grade! Other than working in the Creative Department at Ogma Magazine, she is also a co-founder, graphic designer, and video editor for Dear Asians Initiative. In her spare time, she loves to read, watch films, and hang out with friends.

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Joyce Liu

Copy Editor

Joyce Liu is a high school student from Ontario, Canada. She loves to watch Formula 1 races and take long walks while listening to music. She also writes poems which can be found in issues of perhappened mag, All Guts No Glory, and FEED.

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Katie Jordan


Katie is a 18 year old writer based in Canada. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university, and has had her work recognized in both local and regional writing departments. In her spare time, Katie enjoys writing & performing music, as she has been in theatre since she was four years old.

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Carmen Arribas


Carmen (born in Madrid, Spain, in 1998) is a graduate in Translation and Interpreting, and has published two poetry collections: "Las palabras nunca dichas", in her native Spanish, and "To Weep Carnations", in English. She is a lover of languages, urban and gritty aesthetics and raw instant noodles.