• Milena Bee

??, 360 degrees, & (pan)demonium

< ?? >

time is coming

for me, surging with every pass at the clock

and creak of hands past quarter markings

if i spend a year untouched will i feel clean?

if i keep the blood under my nails will the truth sink in?

or i’ll spread it on the spots of my body

which smell the most like

a loveable creature.

three hundred and sixty degrees

i’m wearing a mini dress in fifty degree weather

and i want you to see me

my legs shivering, muscle no good for this,

mourning the lack of documentation

so you might see this later, and remember

i see myself from all angles but mourn

the lack of your attention. no witnesses

to crimes both regal and obscene in

perpetuity, or proof of dimensionless reaching.

voyeurism comes with bared teeth, in heat

splayed out for the taking, a trap, a trap

your eyes upon me feel like paradise,

occult leanings aside.


sedated in the summer night

mystic Eros seeds

only truth. valiance, heroic in his endless charm.

petrified at night, god aside under black light, dark betrayal of

mothercast shadow. the stab

of hot oil upon perfect expanse of back, wounded and toiling now

damage creates a beast, only beautiful at night, and Psyche runs

to the edge of the world in fear.

rain begins, rain begets

a true vision racked with the burn

of stumbling over mutual despair, and the inability

to light the candle.

Milena Bee is a Chicane poet and mythologist. Along with being the co-EIC of All Guts No Glory, they are often found out in Los Angeles, pretending they aren't actually a hermit. You can find them on Instagram @beenymph and Twitter @mildrangus.

Header photograph by Athena Merry.