• Aneleh

A Q&A with Sophia, creator of Moxie Wrrld, on clothes that will make you ooze confidence.

Moxie Wrrld, “4 girls who turn heads” is a luxe streetwear brand created by Sophia, who handmakes her items and manages the company herself. Today, Ogma’s co-editor Aneleh had the chance to ask her a few questions on what inspires her and more!

To start, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your brand?

Of course! My name is Sophia, and I’m the girl behind Moxie Wrrld! I’ll be turning 20 at the end of May this year, and Moxie Wrrld will be turning 1 at the end of February. Moxie Wrrld is an online store, specializing in handmade clothing and accessories for girls. Moxie Wrrld sells unique, slow fashion items for the modern trendsetter.

Have you always been interested in fashion and where/when did your love of it start?

Yes and no. Growing up in a private school I didn’t have many options for expressing my style within the guidelines of my school uniform, and after transferring to a public high school I didn’t have the confidence to dress the way I wanted. It wasn’t until after high school when I began to find my personal style and started playing around with a sewing machine that I really started to love the world of fashion and how clothes made me feel.

What made you decide to start Moxie Wrrld?

Moxie Wrrld is where my two passions—fashion and business—collide. I’ve had a disdain for typical-teenager jobs since the moment I stepped foot in my first place of work, BounceU. I started a jewellery company quickly after that and eventually worked my way into clothing design after re-investing in my business and expanding into sewing, embroidery, and heat transfers. I’ve always been interested in having my own business and working on my own time in a creative environment, and starting Moxie Wrrld has allowed me to do so.

Do you work on Moxie Wrrld all by yourself? If so, what is that like?

Yes, it’s just me running this little business. I think people oftentimes forget (or don’t even realize) it’s just one person doing everything; my days consist of sewing, taking photos for my website or social media, writing copy for new products or updating my website, packaging orders, and at least one trip to Joanns Fabric. Part of the reason I have so much time to devote to Moxie Wrrld (and why I’m so happy to do so) is that I go to community college. Community college is very isolating, and I don’t have the social distractions a lot of traditional college students face. Spending my free time doing Moxie Wrrld keeps me from going stir-crazy while I live at my parent’s house.

Your vibe is gorgeous, how did you decide on the branding or did it come naturally?

Thank you so much! Branding is something I love and take great pride in. One of my favourite parts of Moxie Wrrld is after the products are finally made, the pictures are finally shot, and I just get to mess around with editing in Photoshop for hours. The fashion industry is extremely saturated and the way you brand your products is imperative for them to stick out amongst the competitors. Moxie Wrrld’s branding is synonymous with my personal aesthetic. I often draw inspiration from Tik Tok graphic designers and photographers (hello Anna Koblish!) — I’ve learned more about Photoshop in the past month than over the two semesters of graphic design I took in high school. I also draw inspiration from other brands but try not to look at them too much because my own taste is what makes Moxie Wrrld unique, not an interpretation of someone else’s.

What’s the process when coming up with an item or collection?

My first step is always getting on Pinterest and making a mood board. I have boards for everything— patch references, outfit inspiration, art/heat transfer references, and so much more. Pinterest is like a black hole. Most recently I got on there to find some inspiration for a green sweat set and ended up with a board full of grunge fairy outfits and magic forest scenery. I am a very visual person, and I like the format of Pinterest because it helps me organize my ideas before production. After I have a clear-ish (my beginning vision is almost never the end product) I order any item blanks if necessary, design any embroidery files or heat transfers, and get to sewing! My clothing is broken down between 1 of 1 cut and sew products and seasonal collections featuring pieces in multiple sizes and quantities. If I’m creating a collection piece, like the green sweat set mentioned earlier, I start with clothing blanks instead of raw fabric. I’ve found this to be the most cost and time effective way to create large quantities of clothing. If I’m creating a 1 of 1 piece I’ll start with a sketch and a bunch of fabric from Joann Fabrics and see where it takes me. I enjoy making the 1 of 1 pieces most because they give me the most creative freedom, and aren’t as mundane as making the same pair of sweatpants or purse 15 times.

Where do you get inspiration from?

So many places! As mentioned before, Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration because it’s organized in the best way that I can refer back to it. I see a lot of cool girls wearing the coolest outfits I wouldn’t even think of putting together on TikTok, but they get lost in my favorites so quickly. I also love Instagram for their ‘bookmark’ feature, but don’t look up to one person as a ‘fashion icon’ because my style changes so often. Instead, I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram accounts like 2die4fits, who post Pinterest-esque photos categorized by a certain clothing piece, vibe, occasion, etc. And how could I not mention the archive fashion accounts like desire__attire, gastt_fashion, fatannawintour?! Archive fashion is so cool. Not only is it a blast from the past, but a peek into what’s ahead— fashion is always repeating.

How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?

I love this question! Not a lot of people understand the name behind Moxie Wrrld. Moxie means to have a sense of character, determination, or nerve. Basically a mf force to be reckoned with. That’s how I want people to feel when they’re rocking Moxie Wrrld. When I have on a bomb outfit I feel like the best version of myself, and Moxie Wrrld sells clothes that give you that feeling everyday.

What is the best part of what you do and what would you say to your past self, looking back?

Honestly, the best part of Moxie Wrrld is finding a community of supportive, like-minded individuals who every day make me feel valued and purposeful. As my brand has grown, so have I. I actually wrote one of my transfer application essays on this. There has been a colossal change in my character since before starting and mid-Moxie Wrrld. I didn’t have Moxie when I started, or at least not enough. The support I’ve received from Moxie Wrrld has truly transformed the way I am. The tone of Moxie Wrrld has always been the same—bad b*tch with oozing confidence (maybe even a hint of narcissism) that loves and stands up for herself, her interests, and her future— but that didn’t always align with my personal tone. Looking at myself now, I am that girl. I’ve made friendships with people across the world. They’ve seen me fail, pivot, and grow and still stick around because they don’t just care about Moxie Wrrld, they care about me. That is the coolest thing ever. I’m so lucky to have an audience like my moxie grrls. If I had one thing to say to my past self: “Drop him and start working on yourself and your future. You can’t be a girl boss with clown face paint on.”

What is something you are dreaming of pursuing with Moxie Wrrld?

A long term dream of mine is being involved in a company the same way I’m involved in Moxie Wrrld. When I started Moxie Wrrld I was looking for something to keep me distracted until I transferred to a state school, continue my business degree, and land somewhere in the field of accounting. One year later, I’ve switched my major to fashion merchandising with a concentration in brand management and development, I’m not applying to a single school in-state, and the only accounting I’ll be doing is Quikbooks. Starting this brand truly changed the direction of my life and gave me the courage to chase a career I’m passionate about, not a paycheck. I hope to someday transfer the skills I’ve learned from having a small business into being an integral part of another brand’s team. As for Moxie Wrrld, I’m not sure about her future. It’s hard to predict what could happen. My plan is to continue Moxie Wrrld for as long as it’s financially viable, and whether that means stopping after college or spending everyday at a Moxie Wrrld showroom tucked between a rad little pizza joint and thrift shop in NYC, I’d be happy either way.

What are some things that are in store in the future of Moxie Wrrld that readers can watch out for?

This February is a big month for Moxie Wrrld. I’ve been working on a restock of my most popular products and some new arrivals for the past few weeks, and I’m just about to enter the photo phase…my favourite part. I’m really excited for what’s to come, and there’s gonna be at least one item that catches your eye this February. Moxie Wrrld also turns 1 (!!!) this February, so keep your eyes peeled for some giveaways, sales, and if Miss Rona permits, a pop-up shop.

Check out the Moxie Wrrld shop and Instagram!