• Maia Joy

Eli Jonathan on Cinematic Single "Showoff"

Seattle-based songwriter Eli Jonathan is pioneering a new wave of experimental pop music just in time to headline your start-of-summer party playlist. His unique fusion of experimental art, film, and other multi-media influences create a new indie dream-pop aesthetic unlike any other. With three EPs released since 2019, it’s not surprising that the producer has put out three singles this year alone, each building into his own individual sound.

Jonathan’s new single, “Showoff,” releases on May 29. Its thoughtful lyrics describe watching someone living a life parallel to your own, with its envies, melancholy, and everything in between. The track launches into a cinematic synthesizer beat, which mirrors the Universal Studios movie introduction, turning you into the main character in your own coming-of-age movie. The sweet-yet-sultry vocal pairing of Jonathan and collaborator Samara Lennoxx creates a dreamy aesthetic over a euphoric instrumental. Combined with a light, catchy drum groove, the track bubbles to life through Jonathan’s expert production.

Although a new artist, we know Eli Jonathan is off to do big things--we’ll have our speakers cranked all the way up whenever he’s ready.

Eli Jonathan’s single, “Showoff,” releases May 29 on all streaming platforms. Find him on Instagram @eli_.jonathan.