• Maia Joy

Griff Clawson on His Single "2Lovely"

On February 3rd, the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Griff Clawson graced all of our ears with his shimmering sophomore single, “2Lovely.”

Clawson is no stranger to the popular music scene. At 11 years old, he picked up his first guitar, and merely three years later sold out local venues in Southern California. He’s since released his first single, “Chasing Highs,” and collaborated with ARTY and Manila Killa. Billboard described “You’re Not Alone,” Clawson’s 2020 collaboration with ARTY, as destined to become “one of the summer’s favored mainstage anthems.”

Produced, written, and sung by Clawson himself, “2Lovely” is a far departure from his first single. While “Chasing Highs” featured fun 4-on-the-floor beats and a sweet acoustic disposition, Clawson’s matured sound and unique vocal quality in “2Lovely” achieve the perfect balance of emotion and control. The single touches on the fleeting nature of intimacy and the realization that nothing is permanent in love. “This song is really about that moment when you realize something is too good to be true, but enjoying it while it lasts,” Clawson says. “When I wrote this song, I was thinking about a moment in a recent relationship I had where I thought, ‘Wow, as good as this is right now, I know it won’t last forever.’”

The music video for “2Lovely” was released on February 9. Clawson says of the video: "This music video was designed to tug at the idea that [often] things and people look calm on the surface . . . but always have more going on underneath. To me, the video’s performance and visual mood is an emotional juxtaposition of the push and pull between the ideal of a relationship and reality that inevitably brings you back down to earth.”

Griff Clawson’s single, “2Lovely,” is out now on Spotify and Apple Music. The music video for “2Lovely” was released on February 9. Find him on social media @griffclawson.