• Maia Joy

Guspy's Debut Single and "Steezy" Musical Intuition

Surf’s up! California local Guspy is making huge waves in the indie reggae-pop music scene. Also known as Jake DeGuz, the Santa Ana native is a natural musician, having taught himself guitar, bass, and drums by fifteen. His love for surf music and local culture combines perfectly with his musical talent to create a completely new musical experience untouched by anyone else in the industry.

Guspy’s new single, “STEEZ LUÍZ”, was released on February 26 just in time to land on your go-to beach playlist for the summer. Fueled by a reggae bass guitar hook and an expertly mixed beat, the track bends genres to create a laid-back, yet extremely polished, sound. His smooth vocals ebb and flow over the beat with a perfect balance between grit and fluidity, layering into an effortless groove. Whether you’re riding a double-overhead or lying under the sun, this summer anthem will have you both on your feet and in your feels.

On top of his titular “steezy” musical intuition, Guspy is a fantastic lyricist as well. His passion for poetry shines in the single, with beautifully written lines alternating between English and Spanish throughout.

The track uses the waves of his beachy groove to drive an overarching metaphorical representation of the highs and lows of love and loss. His palate of musical, emotional, and multi-linguistic assets is topped off with an abundance of puns that bring Guspy’s music back to earth, grounding the track in his roots in the warm sand of Santa Ana.

Rest assured, this is only the beginning for Guspy-- while “STEEZ LUÍZ'' is his first release, there’s more to come in 2021. In the meantime, we’ll be blasting this track on repeat from the shore, watching him take off.

You can find Guspy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.