• Maia Joy

Huron John Talks "Trapped In A Lava Lamp" + the Art of Musical Storytelling

Huron John is the next name to watch in the evolution of indie-pop music. The twenty one year old Chicago native has something for everyone, using every element in his musical toolbox with skill and intuition far beyond his years. With a crisp combination of lo-fi beats, pop club aesthetics, and an easygoing lead vocal, his tracks have an effortless sound underlaid by meticulous attention to detail.

Huron John’s new single, “Arthur,” was released on February 10, featuring an effervescent guitar hook and a deep drum beat. His expert use of fun, out-of-the-ordinary effects play up the quirky and unique nature of his already individual sound, creating a perfect lighthearted track for your spring semester playlist. The single is a slight departure from John’s earlier work, including full-length project “Apocalypse Wow;” the single leans more heavily into a basement-club energy without compromising his defining sense of groove. John’s instrumentals are also incredibly clever-- it’s obvious that he has fun with each aspect of production and utilizes them flawlessly to create a product entirely his own.

A visual storyteller as well as a musical dynamo, John’s music video for “Arthur” (released on February 11) is just as creatively dynamic as the single itself. The nuances of the track are perfectly underscored by his neon throwback paradise, bursting at the seams with nostalgia. John’s pop-art homage brings his house party atmosphere to life and projects a psychedelic wonderland through the screen. His energy is nothing short of infectious, and the video nothing short of other-worldly.

A mere two weeks later, John launched yet another hit, “Trapped In A Lava Lamp,” on February 24. “'Trapped In A Lava Lamp’ is a track about contrast,” he says of the new single. “I wanted a claustrophobic lyrical feeling of expressing this sentiment that an old environment you’ve been in forever just doesn’t serve you anymore. I wanted to take that melancholy mood and put it up against these very bright guitars and almost pop-rap type rhythm." The single is accompanied by an equally eclectic music video that perfectly encompasses the track’s sentiments, showing yet another dimension of John’s extensive musical and narrative ability.

Given his continuous musical growth and development into his own sound, it’s hard to say what big things are next for Huron John. One thing is for sure: this isn’t the last we’ll hear of him in 2021.

Huron John’s singles, “Arthur” and “Trapped In A Lava Lamp,” are available on all major streaming platforms now. He can be found on social media @huronjohnny.