• Maia Joy

Kid Hastings Returns to Indie-pop and Hints at Forthcoming EP

Updated: Mar 8

Indie-pop fan favorite, Kid Hastings, is returning from a nearly year-long hiatus with not one, but two euphoric singles to ring in 2021. Otherwise known as Jake McEvoy, Hastings is a British-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, paying homage to his hometown of Hastings, UK as his namesake. His blended background translates clearly into his freeform bedroom-pop musical aesthetic, which draws from countless influences across both continental and millennial boundaries.

Hastings’ latest new single, “Backwards,”

perfectly exemplifies his bedroom-pop origins: it was entirely produced, written, and recorded in his own home during the pandemic. The track features an interpolated melody from the jazz standard, “Cherokee,” originally written and released in 1938 by Ray Noble. Nearly a century later, Hastings’ interpretation of the original melody is a testament to his musical intuition and broad scale of influences.

Furthermore, this “carefree and awe-struck hook” serves as a buoy for some of the nail-biting emotions Hastings explores with his lyrics. In the singer’s own words, the entire song is about the uncertainty he had with someone he loved--the whirlwind of trying to figure them out. “[Even if they] drop hints here and there [about their motives] . . . can you ever really be sure you know someone?”

The release of “Backwards” comes just weeks after the release of “Call Me Up” at the end of January, which features Hastings’ smooth vocals tied in with rich, beat-driven bass.

The single, written in the aftermath of a breakup, focuses on the identity crises and feelings of losing control that swell at the end of a relationship. Ava Doorley, director of the music video, brought this state of mind to life by coupling cuts of a hazy, vaguely cinematic setting with Hastings’ own body to showcase the freedom of identity he longs for in the track.

Both singles hint at what may be to come in Hastings’ forthcoming EP, releasing later this year via Ourros. While we wait, we’ll be playing his tracks ‘til we know them backwards and forwards.

Kid Hastings’ latest single “Backwards,” can be found on all streaming services as of February 24. He can also be found on social media @kidhastings.