• Maia Joy

Marlounsly's "Senseless" Makes Waves in Time for Summer

Singer/songwriter Marlounsly is making waves in the Florida retro-pop scene just in time for your first surf of the summer. The Haitian-born artist is no stranger to the spotlight— in 2018, she won a city-wide vote to perform alongside Ella Mai, H.E.R., and Summer Walker in the Best Life Festival. She was later featured on The Tammi Mac Late Show on FOX SOUL as well as MTV’s Instagram Live following the release of the music video for her single Honey.

Marlounsly’s new single, “Senseless,” is the perfect blend of indie funk and retro-RnB to start your summer with a bang. Co-created with producer NSoul, Marlounsly reveals that the track was entirely freestyled, hinting to her ingenious musical intuition and master of her craft. "After a drive home from the studio, it was late night, my friends and I were playing around with beats." Marlounsly says. "This beat came on and the energy that came out was so pure that I had to record it!" Fueled by a driving bass and infectious beat, her sultry vocal creates a warm Florida breeze that encompasses her nostalgic night-out vibe perfectly.

“Senseless” comes out on the heels of her single, “I Am,” released earlier this spring. The single fits right into the pocket of Marlounsly’s trademark groove, from her deep beat to her easygoing vocals to the nostalgic air behind her sound. The single encourages listeners to embrace their self worth and live their truth, her enticing vocal lead willing us to love themselves as well. From her earliest album “Naturally Bad” released in 2018 to her latest tracks in 2021, Marlounsly’s rich sound continues to reach new heights with every release.

With two singles already released since the beginning of the year, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Marlounsly. Stay tuned-- she’s ready to take 2021 by storm.