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Moth Zine

Updated: Jan 2

Daniela Steinberg is an 18-year-old artist and illustrator working mainly in collage. This virtual zine/comic consists of various illustrations of personified butterflies and moths that are inspired by their real-life counterparts.

The coronavirus pandemic has so many of us heading outside and connecting with nature in ways we never have before. For Daniela, this lead her to re-evaluate all the ways that her relationship with nature manifests. She found herself thinking a lot more about butterflies and moths--insects that are so vital for many ecosystems but that also seem to occupy a realm of magic. Through these mystical illustrations and virtual renderings of moths and butterflies, she seeks to intertwine the two worlds that she occupies the most right now: the internet and the outside.

We all need some wonder and magic right now. Why not find them in these bugs?

Find more of Daniela's work on her website or on Instagram @daniela.steinberg.