• Julie Anne Larick

Questions About the Big Bang

Updated: Jan 2

How do I understand the brown tufted bird? The one that serenades you from your spindly backyard tree and sobs every freezing night under the half-moon glow, the sounds of Earth deafening, the pulley of light his weighted blanket, his tiny beak frosted from snow, the one that cries for the emptiness before The Big Bang because he was there, vat of open space stuck like a frozen telephone pole on my tongue and his fresh eyes saw only for the blank line, the composite of every base chemical and every word that would appear in every love poem not yet founded and still just empty. I understand the brown tufted bird because he sings so softly.

Julie Anne Larick is a student and writer living in Shaker Heights, OH. She is an English major at the College of Wooster. Julie is the creative writing manager for The Incandescent Review and has been published in Kalopsia Literary Journal, The Incandescent Review, Teen Voice Media, and others. She loves to sew, watercolor, and was born in 2003. Her Twitter is @crookyshanks and Instagram is @jannelarick. More of her work can be found at http://www.julielarickwriting.com.