summer issue 08 submissions are now OPEN

THEME KEY WORDS: love, summer, red, passion


online journal submissions are currently closed


Feeling connects us all. We all have that flare within us: that urge to capture everything we find beautiful, to shout out everything we've ever thought hoping for an answer back. At Ogma, we ask you to embrace that. Be loud! Create without shame. Share your heart. Share your mind. 


submit up to 5 poems at a time.


2,000 words max. ​


submit up to 5 pieces. ​


submit up to 20 pieces of photography.



Have questions about what you can submit? Email us.

Include all relevant trigger warnings at the beginning of your document.

We accept simultaneous submission but we do not accept previously published work. Once your piece is published with us, you may submit it elsewhere, but you must mention Ogma as the first publisher.

We will not turn down work with profanity or scenes of sex, violence, etc. However, please do not send work that is graphic for the sake of being graphic (erotica, snuff, etc). 

By submitting your work to us, you’re agreeing to possible publication on our site and across our social media channels. 

Our response time is 2 weeks. If you have not received a response after three weeks, please email editorialogmamagazine@gmail.com with the subject "submission inquiry."


$3 for a 24 hour response


For a small donation, you can get a faster response and/or have our head editors review your work. These tips are the reason we can keep the website running and continue to bring you and publish your exciting new work! Submit your work via button above and donate via button below <3