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The weird, the obscure, the thing you made at 2 a.m. that makes you want to scream to the world: "Look! I made this!" Send us your random collages, photos taken at midnight under LED light, wacky makeup and funkier outfits -- the odd, the out of the box. Go wild!

We accept all submissions, including essays, poetry, journaling, photographs, mixed-media works, music, collage, visual art, videos/short films, and MORE. If you made it, we can't wait to see it.


Literary: Fiction, essays, articles, poems etc. should be 2000 max words. Write what you are passionate about! Ogma is an open-minded space, so we'll accept almost anything--but make sure you look over the general guidelines below. If you would like to pitch an article and/or become a regular writer for our blog or issue, contact us.

Visuals: We accept all forms of art and photography e.g fine art, digital art, film photography (we adore) and digital photography. For art, please take high-quality images of your work. If they are digital, submit them in the correct format (e.x. png or jpeg). Visual pieces can be submitted as single pieces or as collections! If submitting a photo series, paste the link to the google drive folder into the form. We publish visual pieces in the online journal or in the issues if they abide by the issue theme. We also accept video and audio submissions for the online journal.

Other: Send us your music, film recs, book recs, playlist, something cool you found - anything! 

We also accept review and promotional requests. Please email us if you are interested in this. For these we ask for a small ko-fi donation, so we can pay for things like domain subscriptions! Our ko-fi is linked in the footer below.

Have questions about what you can submit? Email us.



See genre-specific guidelines above.

Submit to either our online journal or theme-specific issue. Web-based submissions that fit the theme but cannot be edited into the magazine, such as interactive works, will be featured on the online journal and mentioned in the issue.


Submissions for our online journal, which has no theme, are open 24/7 - pop something you are proud of into the form below.

Note: Include all work in ONE document or folder with a short, THIRD PERSON bio at the top that includes any social media handles you want us to mention.

By submitting your work to us, you’re agreeing to possible publication on our site and across our social media channels. We also consider all submissions for print projects but will reach out to you before inclusion. We will ALWAYS credit you and your work, across every platform and format.


We do not accept previously published work. This is so we can continue to bring you and other readers fresh new content! Once your piece is published on our platforms or issues you may submit it to other collectives, but please mention Ogma as the first publisher.


Include all relevant trigger warnings at the beginning of your document.

We will not turn down work with profanity or scenes of sex, violence, etc. However, please do not send work that is graphic for the sake of being graphic (erotica, snuff, etc). If you're unsure whether a submission crosses the line, contact us.

Regular submissions are free, and we respond to them within a few weeks. 


For a small Ko-fi donation, you can get a faster response and/or have our head editors review your work. These tips help keep the website running and pay for printing costs. 

*ੈ✩ £3 for a 24-hour response

*ੈ✩ £6/page for detailed, comprehensive feedback within 1 week

*ੈ✩ £9/page for a 24-hour response WITH detailed, comprehensive feedback

Donate here. Then, when you submit below, mention which option you chose in the provided question.


We are looking for young creatives (ages 15+) who want to work with us behind the scenes. As we are an independent and small publication, all positions are unpaid and done for the love of life, art, and writing. Currently, applications are open for a number of positions but team members are always free to move within departments and/or take on roles outside their department.

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